Meroi Molos / Apartments

Meroi Studios are situated in the area of Molos and hardly 400 metres from the sea.

Latipi Linaria / Apartments

The Latipi Studios are located by the port of Skyros Linaria.

Anemonisia Molos / Apartments

The apartments Anemonisia are located in the area called Molos.
Κτήμα Λιώνας

Ktima Lionas Aspous / Apartments

The "Ktima Lionas" is in the center of the island, in Aspous.

Περιγιάλι Magazia / Apartments

The "Perigiali" is situated in perfectly quiet, traditional surroundings.
Studios Γυρίσματα

Studios Girismata Girismata / Apartments

Just 30 meters from the Girismata are these studios.

Thalassini Axerounes / Apartments

Apartments in Acherounes, a quiet and upcoming touristic region of Skyros.

Agalipa Girismata / Apartments

The complex of apartments located at Agalipa spins with sea views.
Crisio Studios

Crisio Studios Girismata / Apartments

The Studio Crisio are located in the north of the island in a place called Gyrismata.

Kallisti Girismata / Apartments

Apartment complex filming location, 150 meters away. from the beach.
Studios Χαραλαμπάκη Μαρία

Studios Maria Aspous / Apartments

The'' studios maria'' located in the seaside village ASPOUS 100m from the sea.
Linaria Bay

Linaria Bay Linaria / Apartments

Traditional Skyrian apartments, located at the port of Skyros.
Villas Mantalena

Mantalena Girismata / Apartments

In an idullic blue and green landscape seated 5 raditional skyrian villas.

Πιθάρι Molos / Apartments

At "Pithari Maisonettes" in the coastal town of Molos in Skyros
Takis Studios

Takis Girismata / Apartments

The Takis Studios are located in the Girismata.

Karampini Aspous / Apartments

In Aspous and 200 meters from the beach are Skyrian homes.
Ειρήνη Studios

Irini Studios Molos / Apartments

Just 10 meters from the beach shore within a green environment.
Παναγιώτου Γιώργος

Panagiotou George Kalamitsa / Apartments

In Kalamitsa Beach
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Ενημέρωση - Ειδήσεις

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Skyros Cycling Challenge 22-24 Μαΐου

Το Καλοκαίρι Ταξίδι με υδροπλάνα

Το Καλοκαίρι Ταξίδι με υδροπλάνα

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Δέκα αιολικά πάρκα-μεγαθήρια

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Φανταστικές αεροφωτογραφίες της Σκύρου!

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